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Lannisters Should Move to D.C.; Here's Where They Should Live

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead.]
The Lannisters are one of the richest and most powerful families in Game of Thrones, and they deserve the very best real estate Washington, D.C. can offer. Curbed took a look at some of the most glitzy and most expensive listings on the market that should suit Cersei's, Jaime's, Tyrion's, and even Joffrey's tastes. Some of the abodes listed below might lean more towards the McMansion side, but hey, the Lannisters deserve the best. Take a look at what homes the Lannisters should move into, and vote for which one outshines the rest. Don't worry about the price of the home you choose because a Lannister always pays his debts.

↑ This single-family home, called "The Estate at the Reserve," comes with some of the most impressive (and maybe even the most tacky) details of any abode on this list. For Tyrion, this listing offers a wine cellar and a wood-paneled library. For Joffrey, there are multiple rooms that would be perfect for entertaining his prostitutes — er, guests — with highlights like a wet bar, pool table, and home theater. For Jamie, he can practice his gold-hand-eye coordination with the indoor basketball/racquetball court. Finally, for Cersei, she can enjoy the ornate details in the mouldings, ceiling centerpieces, and chandeliers. In McLean, this $12.5 million mansion comes with six bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

↑ In the Foxhall Crescent neighborhood, this French Provincial mansion is on the market with an outdoor pool, wine cellar, and asking price of $5,995,000. It comes with six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half bathrooms, more than enough for the Lannister family. One of the key highlights that would appeal to Tyrion's heart is the spacious library, while Cersei would particularly enjoy the patio as she prefers warm climates like in Casterly Rock.

↑ For A-listers like the Lannisters, they deserve an abode that has housed other well-known and powerful people. Some of the previous tenants of this five-bedroom, six-bathroom Wesley Heights listing include NBC's Meet the Press host David Gregory and former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Peter Teeley. One detail in this estate that could sway Cersei would be the children's playhouse, though it's possible that her remaining offspring may be too old for it. The home also includes built-in bookshelves, a mud room, and many windows creating well-sunlit rooms.

↑ Seeing as how Georgetown is one of the priciest areas to live in in Washington, D.C., it only makes sense that the Lannisters, one of the richest Westeros families, should live in the neighborhood. This $2.895 four-bedroom mansion sports fancy schmancy elements like a sunken living room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a community pool. Additionally, the 5,730-square-foot single-family home is pretty spacious, so the siblings don't have to be in the same room if they don't feel like it.

↑ This three-bedroom condo may have the fewest bedrooms out of any of the abodes on this list, but that should be fine since Joffrey's dead anyway, and Jaime and Cersei probably wouldn't object too much to sharing a room. In the case that they want to entertain or want some stellar D.C. views, the West End listing also has a rooftop deck. This West End listing sports some pretty eyebrow-raising details like a wine display wall with LED lights, which should be favorable to the Lannisters since they're always seen drinking wine. The weirdest component to this home might be that one of the bathrooms has a wallpaper with a dizzying, geometric design. Since Cersei isn't afraid to put people in their place, though, by putting them in prisons or other uncomfortable situations, the bathroom might actually be useful.

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