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$40M Elevated Park Needs 50 Percent of Funding from Donors

The City Council is causing plans for an elevated park over the Anacostia River to become more monetarily difficult. JDLand reported that the amended budget for the fiscal year 2016 states that "no funds allocated for the Park may be awarded or disbursed for purposes of construction until at least 50 percent of the total projected construction costs of the project have been raised from private donors." The budget also makes clear that District funds will be prohibited from going towards operations or maintenance of the elevated park. The project will total $40 million, and a fundraising campaign has begun to fund the $10.5 million construction funding gap and the $15 million operations funding, according to JDLand. The elevated bridge will feature performance spaces, public art, plazas, and an environmental education center. The City Council will vote on the proposed budget on May 27.

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