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Daenerys Targaryen Should Move to D.C.; Here's Where She Should Live

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[WARNING: Spoilers ahead.]
The Mother of Dragons is pretty busy fighting her way to the Iron Throne, so Curbed put together a list of five abodes that should suit her tastes. From a quasi-castle in Burleith to a floating home in Forest Hills, here are our humble recommendations to the lone Game of Thrones Targaryen. Readers, feel free to join in on the fun by voting for which one you think would suit her the most.

↑ Out in Fauquier County, this scenic $23.95 million mansion offers 2,000 acres of land, more than enough space for Daenerys' three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. The eight-bed, nine-bath single-family home comes with a spacious wood-paneled library with a spiral staircase and a wine cellar with enough room for 3,500 bottles. Other highlights also include 10 fireplaces, a home theater, and elevator.

↑ This Massachusetts Heights estate already resembles a castle from afar, so with Daenerys on the throne, this listing should suit her well. Some of the most eyebrow-raising details inside include a glassy conservatory with a gourmet kitchen and candle chandeliers, interior window shutters, and a media room. Daenerys could also take a dip in the pool if it so pleases her.

↑ Being Queen of Meereen is a tough job, and Daenerys deserves a place to get some well-needed R&R. This floating home in Forest Hills is not only unique enough for her, but also remote enough as it is meant to camouflage with the surrounding forests. The single-family home, designed by architect Travis Price, comes with a glass bridge, terrace, and spiral staircase. The asking price is $3,399,000.

↑ Located 50 miles outside of D.C. proper, this Oakendale estate offers peace, quiet, and 837 acres of land. With an asking price of $33.5 million, it is the most expensive single-family home on the list. With a nine-stall stable and barns, Daenerys will be able to house her dragons well (as long as they don't cause too much of a firey fuss). The listing also comes with a pool and poolhouse and an all-weather greenhouse.

↑ This $1.5 million Burleith townhome may not be the biggest or most expensive abode on this list, but its quasi-castle appearance might suit the Targaryen queen well. It comes with an octagonal turret, outdoor deck and patio, and a wet bar.

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