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Shaw Hospitality High School to Be Converted into 29 Condos

Ever wanted to return to high school? Soon you will be able to thanks to one developer who plans on converting the Hospitality High School in Shaw into 29 condos. Because the high school is located in the Greater U Historic District, this protects it from any major changes. To convert the school, though, the developer will need to partially demolish "excessively large stairs," the kitchen, and the HVAC system, according to Washington Business Journal. The auditorium floor will also need to be lowered to create a loft area. The 6,461-square-foot lot only allows for seven units, so the developer will also need to get permission from the Board of Zoning Adjustment to build the planned 29. The development is planned to house seven units in the cellar, eight two-story units on the first and second floors, seven units on the third floor, and seven on the fourth, as reported by Washington Business Journal. The building dates all the way back to 1932 when it was designed and constructed by Albert Cassel as a lodge for the D.C. chapter of the Grand United Order of the Odd Fellows in America. Later, it was used as the Maya Angelou Public Charter School until 1998 when it became the Hospitality High School. The site is located at 1851 9th Street NW.
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