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You Need $77K/Year to Afford Washington, D.C.'s Rent

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In a top 10 list ranking how high a recent graduate's income needs to be to afford the median rent in the U.S.'s Metropolitan cities, Washington, D.C. ranked with the seventh highest income needed. Real estate website Urban Turf took a look at two studies conducted by Trulia and the National Low Income Housing Coalition, creating a graph that compares different Metropolitan cities in the U.S. by the median income of their recent college graduates, their median rents in May 2015, and the income needed to afford that median rent. Like always, the results are pretty depressing, and for the District, with a median rent in May at $1,975/month, the necessary income needed to afford that comes to $77,461. Out of every Metropolitan city in the nation, San Franciscans need the highest income to satisfy the median $3,500/month rent with $137,272.

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