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How to Fix D.C.'s Rising Office Vacancy Rate? Convince Google to Make the District Its New Home

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Boston-based developer Boston Properties Inc. is taking out flowers, boxes of chocolates, and hordes of Mariachi bands to serenade Google to come and find an office space in Washington, D.C. Okay, the developer isn't literally getting flowers, chocolates, et cetera, et cetera to convince Google, but it's doing the best it can with a new nationwide campaign launching this summer with the intent to lower the office vacancy rates in the District. Because law firms and federal agencies have steadily been leaving Washington, D.C., the developer believes that the best solution is not to convince law firms and federal agencies to stay, but convince the nation's biggest technology companies to nab some D.C. office real estate instead. Boston Properties Inc. has already sold or leased space to companies like Google and, and with these already solidified relationships, the developer believes it can nudge them in the right way to come to the District. Fingers crossed!
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