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Rounding Up 4 D.C. Abodes That Wish They Were Art Galleries

For those who have always dreamed of living in an art gallery, here are four listings that just landed on the market with decorations like abstract oil paintings, tessellated mosaics, and even statues of bowing monks. In one townhome, you'll find a light fixture that resembles a Calder mobile, and in another condo, you'll find a giant quadriptych of a man on a horse. Why have one conversation piece when you can have multiple in almost every direction you turn? You'll look so cultured with a shield on your wall and a framed tiny jacket from some indeterminate country. Wow, a portrait of an 18th century gentleman. You must be so knowledgeable about history or something. See what it would look like to own a collection of art by checking out the four art-gallery-resembling listings below.

↑ In LeDroit Park, you can find this four-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome with an asking price of $949,900. Some of the highlights in this listings that should appeal to art lovers include a rainbow mosaic in the family room, a light fixture in the dining room that resembles a Calder mobile, and what the listing describes as a "chic bathroom."

↑ For $399,900, you can own this Dupont West End condo and what looks like statues of monks bowing down on the family room coffee table. There are other additions like a rear patio, new hardwood flooring, and exposed brick walls, but none of that can compare to a metal shield above the fireplace, a framed costume from somewhere, and a large painting of a man on a horse in the bedroom. This listing comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, and $212 monthly HOA dues.

↑ This two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo comes with a private balcony, new windows, and colorful abstract paintings on almost every wall. Located in Old City #2, it also features a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and a breakfast bar. You can buy it for $699,000 with $346 monthly HOA dues.

↑ One way to impress your guests: hang an oil painting portrait of an 18th century gentleman above your toilet. Maybe even stare at it yourself, this seemingly judgmental face gazing at you as though saying, "Oh, no, not you again." There are some good qualities to this Old City #2 condo, including that it has natural bamboo and concrete flooring, a walk-in closet, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The asking price for this one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit comes to $499,900 with $372 monthly HOA dues.