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Here Are All the Changes Made to the View at Waterfront

This Monday's ANC 6D meeting resulted in massive changes for The View at Waterfront residential project. While the original planned unit development (PUD) was approved several years ago, developers Mill Creek Residential Trust and SK&I Architecture re-filed a modified PUD this year with changes to the development's height, unit count, and more. The modified plans call for an 85-foot-high building with a 3.40 floor area ratio (FAR), 260 apartments, 290 parking spaces, a 57-foot courtyard space, and 5,200-square-feet of retail space. The previous plans entailed a 112-foot-high building with a 4.35 FAR, 324 apartments, 569 parking spaces, a 51-foot courtyard space, and 8,900-square-feet of retail. The project will go before the Zoning Commission for approval on June 11. Construction is slated to begin April 2016 with a delivery by November 2018.

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