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Don't Get Too Optimistic About the Purple Line

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has always been pretty skeptical over whether or not the Purple Line is a financially feasible goal. Just recently, Hogan attended a meeting with Transportation Secretary Pet Rahn to brainstorm ideas on reducing the $2.45 billion price tag of the project. According to WAMU, the result of the meeting resulted in County Council President George Leventhal saying, "I found no reason for optimism." Ouch. The biggest issue, according to Leventhal, is that Hogan is just not "feeling" the project. Some of the ideas brought up so far to bring down the cost of the project is to have Connecticut Avenue become an at-grade crossing as opposed to an overpass, but some officials believe that will create only more traffic. Private companies will have to wait until August 19 to make their bid to build and operate the Metro line.
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