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Glover Park Hotel Expected to Get Swanky New Rooftop Venue

The Glover Park hotel, The Savoy, will experience a multi-million dollar interior renovation that will begin this summer. According to Washington Business Journal, the Kimpton Hotels-managed development will feature a "swanky new rooftop venue," complete with 5,300-square-feet, a lounge, cafe table seating, and enough room for 136 people. Once the renovation is complete this summer, the number of guest rooms for The Savoy will drop to 153, and a 64-seat restaurant and patio will be added. The hotel is expected to have a new name once the renovation is complete. The rooftop isn't expected to complete, though, until 2016. No reports yet on how much the renovations will cost.
· D.C.'s hottest new rooftop coming to Glover Park [Washington Business Journal]