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What Would Washington, D.C. Look Like if It Were Made of Legos?

Google Maps has a quirky new feature that is set to appeal to the public's inner child. Brick Street View, created by Stockholm's Einar Öberg, allows you to see what Washington, D.C. would look like if it were made of Legos. In Brick Street View, a girl in denim overalls leads you around the streets and sites of Washington, D.C. To get an up close look at what the District would look like if it were made out of Legos, simply take her hand and place her wherever you see fit. While browsing around the map, there were a few issues found that seemed more strange than whimsical. For example, the Washington Monument doesn't have a pointed top, the Tidal Basin seems devoid of water, and there are commuters with smiles on their faces. Of course, the Brick Street View is all in good fun, so all is forgiven. If interested in taking the new Google Map feature for a whirl, check it out here.

↑ Lincoln Memorial

↑ The Washington Monument

↑ A happy commuter
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Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, , DC 20500