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Game of Thrones, D.C. Style: Where Would the Landmarks Be?

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Washington, D.C. isn't known for its castles or knights in shining armor, but it is known for one thing: power. For those of us who yearn to sit on the Iron Throne or punch Joffrey in the face, Game of Thrones might not be so out of reach. Time Out Magazine mapped various cities, neighborhoods, and landmarks in the D.C. Metro area that seemingly correspond with different locations in the HBO series. To see the map, click here, or if you would rather test your skills, take our quiz below and see if you can guess where every Game of Thrones location would be in the D.C. Metro area.

1. King's Landing is known as the royal capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. What would be the D.C. equivalent of this fictional city?
a. The Capitol
b. Adams Morgan
c. Columbia Heights
d. Wesley Heights

2. Isolated, Communal, Resilent — Winterfell is one of the most sought after castles in Game of Thrones. If Winterfell was located in the D.C. Metro area, where would it be?
a. Old Town Alexandria
b. H Street Corridor
c. Glover Park
d. Anacostia

3. Highgarden is praised for its beautiful architecture and immense gardens. Where can we find the D.C. equivalent?
a. Waterfront
b. Bloomingdale
c. Dupont Circle
d. Takoma Park

4. Where would the near-impenetrable castle, The Eyrie, be?
a. Wesley Heights
b. Capitol Hill
c. Fort Reno
d. Navy Yard

5. The Lannisters are cunning, good-looking, and incredibly rich and powerful. Where would their home, Casterly Rock, be located in Washington, D.C.?
a. Capitol Hill
b. H Street
c. Georgetown
d. Spring Valley

6. King's Road is a busy, busy place to be if you're traveling. In fact, it's the busiest. Which of these locations in Washington, D.C. are the most similar?
a. Connecticut Avenue
b. Dupont Circle
c. New York Avenue
d. Logan Circle

7. If you entered Storm's End, you'd find the strongest castle in the Seven Kingdoms. Which of these D.C. landmarks fits the bill for strongest in all the land?
a. The White House
b. The Anacostia Chair
c. The D.C. Armory
d. The Lincoln Memorial

8. The people are proud, and the location is secluded. Which of these D.C. area locations would the Iron Islands be best suited for?
a. National Harbor
b. Waterfront
c. Anacostia
d. Observatory Circle

9. Members of the military order, the Night's Watch, pledge their life to guard the Wall at Castle Black. Castle Black, itself, though, is pretty isolated and dark. Any of the following locations sound familiar?
a. Glover Park
b. Eckington
c. Mount Vernon Triangle
d. Chinatown

10. Braavos is an incredibly rich and powerful city, comprised of hundreds of small islands. Which of the following D.C. locations would you describe as the most rich, powerful, and overarching?
a. Farragut Square
b. Georgetown
c. U Street
d. Downtown

Below, you'll find the answers to all 10 questions:
1. A.
2. B.
3. D.
4. C.
5. D.
6. A.
7. C.
8. A.
9. A.
10. D.
See the full explanation for why each location was chosen here.
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