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The Buyer of Connecticut's Famous Ghost Town Vanished, and Now It's Back for $2.4M

Last fall, the entire ghost town of Johnsonville, Connecticut went up for auction with a starting bid of $800K. The 19th-century mill community with eight appealing yet derelict buildings on 62 acres had been abandoned for more than two decades, ever since an aerospace millionaire's attempt to turn it into a theme park was derailed. At the auction last October, Johnsonville sold for $1.9M, but the winning bidder was unable to close the deal. Now the historic ghost town is back on the market, asking $2.4M. "This historic village presents a unique redevelopment opportunity to combine the historic value of the 19th century village with 21st century living," the listing claims. So get to it, aspiring cult leaders or hedge funders with DIY inclinations!

An 1845 general store and a waterfall >>