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One of D.C.'s Largest Redevelopments Deemed 'Too Intense'

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After taking a look at Mid-City Financial Corp.'s plans to add 2,235 residential units and 201,680-square-feet of retail to the Brookland Manor apartment complex, the D.C. Office of Planning, Zoning Commission, and residents told the developer that their plans are too intense and need to be scaled back. Set for review on May 7, the new plans have shrunk down the proposed redevelopment by 21 percent with roughly 500 units chopped. With eight blocks of new development planned, the project will add 1,760 residential units with 384 designated affordable housing and 181,000-square-feet of retail. According to the Washington Business Journal, original plans had buildings up to 90-feet-high, but now they'll all be under 65 feet. the project totals 1.9 million-square-feet of new development. Currently, Brookland Manor features 19 apartment buildings with 525 apartments.
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