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D.C. to Get Its First Dog Daycare in a Mixed-Use Building

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With amenities like a communal dog or pet spa, pet owners can get excited that there's more than one residential development in the District that caters to their needs. Added onto that list is the View 14 development at the corner of 14th Street NW and Florida Avenue NW, which will become the first mixed-use building in Washington, D.C. to house a dog daycare. According to District Source, the Zoning Commission approved the dog daycare and boarding facility, called Citydog! Club, this week. To ensure that Citydog! Club would become approved, 100 residents in View 14 signed a petition in support of the project. In View 14, the dog daycare will occupy a 4,300-square-foot facility on the ground floor. The cage-free facility will allow dogs to roam five "play parks" and will include free WiFi, music, entertainment, and an on-site retail store, as reported by District Source.

To gain approval from the Board of Zoning Adjustment as well as the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association, Citydog! Club will not accept any "chronic barkers" and will soundproof the facility by constructing two separate ceilings. Additionally, only employees will be able to enter the play parks, and all employees will need to wear uniforms or identification to clearly communicate that they're with the dog daycare. Employees will only walk the dogs along 14th Street. When customers pick up or drop off their dogs to the daycare, they will need to sign an agreement to obey traffic and parking rules. No word yet on when Citydog! Club will open its doors to the public.

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