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Big Reveal: $689,000 for a Two-Bed, Two-Bath U Street Condo

We got a huge response from our readers on yesterday's PriceSpotter with guesses on the worth of this U Street condo ranging from $457,000 to $725,000. A commenter named thepixlinator wasn't so keen on the all-grey color scheme of the condo, saying, "I wouldn't pay $50 if I had to repaint all that gray myself. It's like waking up inside your ink pen." Despite this listing's 10-foot-high ceilings, private balcony, and pet-friendly community, the commenter with the lowest guess said that any price at or above $457,000 is "waaaayyy too much." With a guess of $687,000, the winner of this week's PriceSpotter goes to lisargr. Good job to everyone who took a guess at this week's PriceSpotter, and stay tuned for the next round of Curbed's asking price guessing game.

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