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Historic Landmark Nomination Interferes with Plans to Raze Georgetown Industrial Plant

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A team of developers wants to demolish around 70 percent of an industrial plant in Georgetown in order to construct a Four Seasons, but these plants could be halted due to a recent nomination to designate the building a historic landmark. The industrial plant was built in 1948 and features a mixture of New Deal and Art Moderne styles that, according to the Washington Business Journal, give historical context to Washington, D.C.'s physical expansion during the Depression and World War II. The developers acquired the property for $19.5 million from the General Services Administration, but were placed under a covenant that required any and all plans to the property be subject to the secretary of the interior's standards. According to the developers, the building has deteriorated to the point where it's irreparable. The team of developers is composed of Georgetown-based developer Richard Levy, New York-based The Georgetown Co. and architect David Adjaye. The team hopes to build 60 to 70 luxury condos in a new 110-square-foot tall building that has the same architectural touches as the currently standing building. The industrial plant is located at 1051-1055 29th Street NW.

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