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Tension Over Design of 'Artist-Centric' Baltimore Building

In Station North, Baltimore's arts and entertainment district, tension has risen over a new apartment planned by SA+A Development. In last week's Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel meeting, architecture firm LSC Design described the development as an "object building" with hopes to mimic the Beaux Arts-style University of Baltimore John and Frances Angelos Law Center. Planning Director Thomas Stosur told the Washington Business Journal that there has been a tug-of-war between either creating a "fun and playful" design or creating a design that is consistent with the brick industrial buildings and rowhouses in the city. The designers are still in the early stages and are working with the community to design the $20 million, 103-unit apartment building. Washington Business Journal described the building as "artist-centric" with a Milk & Honey cafe on the first floor as well as an artist gallery. The asking prices for the residential development's apartments are expect to be $1,100 for a 500-square-foot apartment. The site is located at 20 E. Lanvale Street with construction expected to begin this fall
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