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'Is D.C. Water Safe to Drink?': What People Google About D.C.

If you have questions, the answers are always right at your fingertips thanks to Google. Sometimes, though, the questions asked can be a little peculiar. Sometimes even a little insulting. Recently, Curbed Seattle and Curbed NY took a look at what folks ask about their cities, and now it's time to reveal what it is about the District that really gets people scratching their heads. With the incomplete question, "Is D.C. really," the autocompleted suggestions ranged from the humorous — "Is D.C. really like House of Cards?" — to the more sobering — "Is D.C. really that dangerous?" Next, we tried a simpler question, "Is D.C. ..."

What else would Washington, D.C. be if not a city? A town? A mountaintop? A rural escape? Also, on the water, yes, it's safe to drink.

Three out of the four questions seem targeted to Georgetown University as opposed to the Georgetown neighborhood. The first question causes one to wonder if people understand what Georgetown even is. (Yes, it's in D.C.)

After Georgetown, autocompleted questions seemed more and more focused on safety. In Dupont Circle's case, Googlers wanted to know not only about its safety, but its geography (no, it's not in Georgetown) and its sexual orientation (what kind of a question is that?).

How do people feel about Foggy Bottom? Hmm, a little worried about safety.

How about Adams Morgan? Oh, the same way. Is it safe? Is it safe at night? Is it ever safe?

What about U Street? Is the world going to end? How will U Street Music Hall survive?

Anacostia, please, we can make it through this. Everything is going to be okay.

Safety is apparently less of a concern for Capitol Hill. Proper usage of capitalization is important, too, guys.

Have any amusing or mildly interesting Google autocomplete questions to share? Let us know in the comments.
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