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After 11 Years, Arts & Industries Building to Open Late 2015

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The Arts & Industries Building next to the Smithsonian castle has been closed since 2004, but plans are in the works to open the 134-year-old building later this year. According to WAMU, Acting Smithsonian Secretary Al Horvath announced Monday that modest interior work is being completed. When the renovations are complete, the building will only be open to the public for special events. The renovations cost a total $55 million with work to replace the roof of the building and rehabilitate the structure. As the first U.S. National Museum opened, the building was listed as one of America's most endangered historic places in 2006. In 2014, officials said that the building would remain closed for the forseeable future due to lack of funding. One of the recommendations for the site was a proposed Latino cultural museum.
· On National Mall, A Museum Building Prepares To Reopen Its Doors [WAMU]