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And the Prize for Most Disorienting Bathroom Goes to This $1.9M West End Condo

Avoid any and all alcohol consumption if interested in walking into this West End bathroom. Even when sober, the jagged linework is likely to make you dizzy. If you're the kind of person who's fascinated with lava lamps or staring directly into the sun, maybe this bathroom will seem beautiful, as opposed to unsettling and claustrophobic. Maybe the designer of this bathroom was a Keith Haring fanatic or Magic Eye aficionado. Regardless, it's an easy fix. So, anyone looking for a rooftop deck, wine display wall, or high ceilings can rest assured that there's more than one appealing feature to this three-bedroom condo that is in no way similar to this bathroom. The asking price is $1,895,000 with $100 monthly HOA dues.

· 2118 O Street NW [Redfin]