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U Street School Redevelopment Gets Go-Ahead from Bowser

In December 2014, former Mayor Vincent Gray chose Sorg Architects and Roadside Development to redevelop U Street's Grimke School, but a month later when Mayor Muriel Bowser assumed office, she decided to put the project on hold for her to review. Now that it's finally official that the school will be redeveloped, it's been revealed that Bowser made a few changes to the plans with the addition of 13 affordable housing units. According to Urban Turf, the redevelopment will feature seven townhomes on 9 1/2 street and a mixed-use addition fronting U Street with 5,000-square-feet of ground-floor retail, second-floor office space, and 20 residential units. A 70-foot tall building with 3,300-square-feet of ground-floor retail and 35 units will also be built on a parking lot east of 9 1/2 Street. The Grimke School, itself, will be redeveloped to include office space and the African American Civil War Museum.

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