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What if D.C.'s Height Act and Zoning Requirements Were Gone?

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What would Washington, D.C. look like if architecture firms had no Height Act or zoning requirements? Washingtonian asked this question, and numerous local architecture firms took up the design challenge, creating a fantastical city with an ice skating rink around the Capitol and a suspended digital screen at the White House. Some of the ideas were more airborne like a "land bridge," others were more familiar like floating terraces at the Kennedy Center, and a few were more practical like a helipad for the President. Below, you'll find a few of the more imaginative and maybe even impossible ideas from local firms Gensler and Kube. To see the full list of renderings, check out the Washingtonian article here.

↑ Local D.C. firm Ginsler designed a "land bridge" that comes with a green roof. This bridge creates an easy and straightforward route to the waterfront. It also creates a choice spot to view the Fourth of July fireworks, according to Washingtonian.

Outdoor films are a popular way to get out of the house and relax with family and friends. Kube wants to bring this outdoor activity to the White House with a giant screen attached to scaffolding. The scaffolding could also host meeting rooms, public spaces, and urban farming.

↑ Say hello to the President's newest helipad. It also comes with a rooftop pool and grills.
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