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National Building Museum to Create a Giant Ball Pit Because Why Not

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An "ocean" of plastic balls will fill the great hall inside the National Building Museum, thanks to design firm Snarkitecture. The installation, titled, "The BEACH," will create a "shoreline" with one million recyclable translucent plastic balls and monochromatic beach chairs and umbrellas. Roughly 10,000-square-feet of space will be covered, but a mirrored wall will create the illusion of an endless ball pit abyss. The entire space will be contained by an enclosure made out of wooden panels and perforated mesh, all covered in white. If ready and willing to dip your feet into the "water," the installation will open July 4 and will continue until September 7.
· Here's a Time Lapse Video of The BIG Maze's Construction [Curbed DC]

National Building Museum

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