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Giant Alien Cats are Wreaking Havoc in Washington, D.C.

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Giant cats from outer space have invaded the nation's capital. Initial reports have not confirmed what planet the cats have come from or why they are here. Police and firefighters are on the scene and are directing pedestrians away from areas where the cat aliens are located. As of the writing of this post (2:24), the cats have made their way to Capitol Hill and the National Mall. There are reports of multiple pedestrians being bat around like toys and buildings along Pennsylvania Avenue being clawed at like scratching posts. As more information becomes available, Curbed DC will make updates when possible.

Update (4:31): It is now being reported that the giant alien cats have reached Georgetown. Surprisingly, the traffic is just as slow as it always is.

Update (4:04): One of the giant alien cats has restarted scratching at the Washington Monument.

Update (3:56): It appears in a Tweet by @EricFidler that there are citizens who are supportive of the cat alien invasion.

Update (3:40): On the National Mall, the cats have momentarily ceased their destruction to scratch at the Washington Monument.

Update (3:27): Two giant alien cats are currently pillaging various seafood restaurants along the Waterfront. According to one report, the cats seem to be more attracted to tuna.

Update (3:15): There are reports that numerous buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue are now in ruins. Currently, firefighters are working to extinguish the flames.