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The Future of Georgetown Gondolas Looking 'Very Optimistic'

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The Georgetown 2028 Action plan consists of 75 action items that will make Georgetown's economy much stronger and more sustainable, but there's one action item in particular that will truly take the neighborhood to new heights. Plans are in the works for gondolas to be constructed from the Rosslyn Metro Station to Georgetown. Before any real progress can be made, though, the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) will need to secure funding for the project. Last November, BID was able to raise 65 percent of the funds, causing CEO of BID Joe Sternlieb to say that he is "very optimistic" that a gondola study will begin this year. Sternlieb told Urban Turf that current requests for modest funding from Arlington County and the D.C. government are pending.

Once the funding is secured, it will go towards a formal feasibility study that will be accompanied by a request for proposals from study consultants. Thereafter, BID will be able to solicit bids from companies that will conduct the study. The Federal Aviation Administration will need to give input on the project due to helicopter rides that occur over the Potomac River. Each gondola is planned to carry up to 20 passengers. The gondola lift will be able to carry more than 4,000 passengers in each direction per hour.

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