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A New Look Into the Kennedy Center's $100M Expansion

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As part of the first major expansion to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, new renderings have been released on a floating pavilion planned on the Potomac River. Whether or not it will become a reality is debatable as the Kennedy Center has experienced issues getting it approved by the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC). For NCPC Chair L. Preston Bryant, he is "not at all sure that it's consistent with federal policy." If all goes well for Kennedy Center officials, the pavilion will include an elevated pedestrian bridge across the Rock Creek Parkway, connecting it to the Kennedy Center. In a previous rendering of the pavilion, the design was larger and further away from the riverbank. Final plans for the floating pavilion will be sent to the NCPC, but no date has been set for when. If not approved, the alternative plan would be to build the 6,500-square-foot pavilion on land.

Other plans for the expansion include building two additional pavilions connected to the main building and a below-ground addition, adding 60,000-square-feet to the Center. The $100 million expansion will add spaces for classrooms, office spaces, lecture halls, and rehearsal rooms.

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