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Car-Free Housing a Reality for Shaw's Blagden Alley Project

121 residential units, zero parking spaces, and one Shaw development — put this all together, and what do you get? Many said "wishful thinking," but for developers SB-Urban and Rooney Properties, this is now a reality. The development will include an open pedestrian bridge that will connect the project's two buildings. One building will house all of the residential units, and the other building will house the amenities (i.e., continental breakfast!). To get the Board of Zoning Adjustment's okay for zero parking, SB-Urban said it would pay $70,000 for a new 27-dock Capital Bikeshare station, providing memberships to each resident. The developers hope to appeal to the interests of millennials with their furnished, short-term micro-units. The development will be located on M Street NW between 9th and 10th streets NW.
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