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Construction Begins for Self Storage Zone on New York Ave. NE

A new 1,381-unit self-storage facility is currently under construction on 1850 New York Ave. NE. The building will span a total of 112,775-square-feet and will include easy access from the street, security, and parking and loading options, as reported by Inside Self Storage. According to Washington Business Journal, this is Federal Capital Partners and Self Storage Zone's second joint venture in the District. Their first self-storage facility is located on the recently opened 1,034-square-foot facility on 645 Taylor Street NE. Expect more Self Storage Zones to open up in Washington, D.C. in the next few years as the two companies confirmed in a press release their interest in the D.C. Metro area.
· Self Storage Zone and Federal Capital Partners Plan Second Joint Venture in Washington, DC [Inside Self Storage]
· Federal Capital, Self Storage Zone, partner on New York Avenue project [Washington Business Journal]