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Metro's New 7000-Series Rail Cars to Premiere This April

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Passengers will be able to board the new 7000-series rail cars starting April 14. The first rail cars to open their doors to the public will be at the Franconia-Springfield station at 7 a.m on launch day. According to NBC4, the 7000-series cars are safer, more reliable, and include technology that is "generations ahead" of what is currently available in the 1000- and 4000-series rail cars. The technology in the new rail cars will include LCD map displays that will allow customers to easily track their location and LED screens that will depict the current and upcoming Metro stations. The Metro predicts fewer train delays with the new rail cars.

For those who may come across a bumpy ride in the older rail cars, the Metro released a new safety preparedness video with information on how to evacuate the railcars, how to use the on-board intercoms, and where to find the emergency exits. The video comes in three forms: one three-minute English version, one 60 second English version, and one 60 second Spanish version.

In bullet-point form, here's some of the advice you can find in the video:
When on a platform:
· Move away from the platform.
· Move to the nearest exit.
If on the train:
· Notify the operator by using the intercom.
· Stay in the train unless you're in immediate danger.
· If necessary, use the end doors to move to another car in the train.
If you need to exit the train:
· Go to the center of the rail car to find the emergency exit.
· Walk carefully on the emergency walkway.
· Never touch the lower part of the railcar.
· Never cross over to the other track.
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