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Plans for H Street Streecar Continue, No 'Fatal Flaws' Found

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Any and all plans for the H Street streetcar could have finally come to a close after a recent top-to-bottom review by the DDOT. Head of the DDOT Leif Dormsjo stated on March 6 that if any "fatal flaws" were found during the review, the $160 million project would be canceled. Now that the review is complete, it looks like no fatal flaws were found and all plans will continue. There were some flaws found, though, that the DDOT will have to address. These include repairing rail breaks and the on-board radio system in the streetcars, remedying streetcar doors scraping platforms, providing additional training to maintenance staff, and developing a pre-revenue operations plan, as reported by WAMU. This news may come to the relief of our readers as 71.95 percent (272 out of 378 votes) responded to our poll saying they wanted plans for the streetcar to continue. For now, there is still no definite date on when the streetcar will open to the public, but Dormsjo said it will be "months."
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