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See The New Peter Chang; Mapping Shaw's Restaurant Invasion

EATER MAPS—Where First Lady Michelle Obama has dined in Washington, D.C.

EATER INSIDE—See photos from Peter Chang's first D.C.-area location, home to bubble pancakes and bamboo fish.

EATER MAPS—Introducing the taco heatmap, or tacos to try right this minute.

EATER MAPS—See all the high-profile projects headed to Shaw in the near future.

EATER GUIDES—Check out these Passover restaurant meals, traditional and non-traditional alike.

SHAW—Daikaya's team is traveling to Japan to research a second ramen shop in Shaw.

EATER MAPS—Where to find March Madness specials in D.C.

FARRAGUT—Pizzeria Paradiso owner and chef Ruth Gresser talks breakfast pizza and going fast-casual for her new upcoming pizzeria Veloce.

THE SHUTTER—The second location of burger chain Black and Orange has closed.

WATERFRONT—Cantina Marina is going to handle transportation for fans before and after Washington Nationals games.

EATER INTERVIEWS—How a philosophy degree prepared M.J. Gimbar to be a fishmonger.

PLYWOOD REPORT—Upcoming restaurant Provision No. 14 features quirky design details like Victorian porch doors, columns and oil drums as bar stools.

ONE YEAR IN—The Partisan's Ed Witt and Nathan Anda explain what makes a good charcuterie plate.