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Behold! The Unofficial Washington, D.C.-Themed Expansion Pack of Cards Against Humanity

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[Download the expansion pack here]

Cards Against Humanity offers so many different expansion packs — the holiday pack, the 90s nostalgia pack — but nothing specifically focused on Washington, D.C. In the pursuit of making this dream come true, we asked our readers to offer their suggestions for the next best expansion pack. While we read every suggestion given to us, we could only accept so many. Some of our favorite suggestions included, "Another damn cupcakery," "John Boehner's tears," and, "Telling people your job is like House of Cards, when you know it's closer to VEEP." For those who are easily offended, please avoid this expansion pack; this gift is not for you. For the terrible, horrible people out there who love to be shocked and awed, you're welcome. For now, feel free to download this unofficial expansion pack, print out the cards, and have yourself a good sinful time. Download the unofficial Washington, D.C.-themed expansion pack here.

Special thanks to these Curbed DC readers who offered their help to make this expansion pack possible:
· John Assini
· Bernardette Arellano
· Zach Balton
· Sadie Dingfelder
· Mike Brand
· The DC Brain Trust
· Ben Saxton-Ruiz
· Alan Budde
· Alex Palombo
· Danielle Isaacs
· Nick Fletcher
· Veronica Wilson
· James Gilbey
· Jade Floyd
· Philip Sternhell
· Indrid Elmore
· Liz Gossens
· Devon Minnick
· Adam Hainsfurther
· Reddit user brolita
· Reddit user smithofadown
· Reddit user poopzz
· Reddit user xhoi
· Contribute to The Unofficial Washington, D.C.-Themed Expansion Pack for Cards Against Humanity [Curbed DC]