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Downtown Abbey Office Causes Rep. to Come Under Fire

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At first, Illinois Representative Aaron Shock remained silent about his Downton Abbey-themed office, but once the news was out thanks to The Washington Post, there was nothing he could do but admit his little red-walled, pheasant-feathered secret. At first, everything seemed like an open-and-shut case once he allowed ABC to tour his office, saying, "As Taylor Swift said, haters gonna hate," but it looks like he's getting a lot more hate than he expected. According to The Washington Post, Shock leads a somewhat lavish lifestyle with exotic vacations and selfies with celebrities, and allegations suggest that he's been using taxpayer money and political donations to fund the lifestyle as well as his fancy schmancy office renovation. The total cost put into the office — from the leather couches to the granite countertops — is expected to be around $100,000.

The office was decorated by Annie Brahler of the Jacksonville-based import company Euro Trash. Originally, Brahler offered her services for free, but it looks like that led to another no-no of Shock's list of mistakes. According to House Ethics rules, lawmakers cannot accept free "gifts of services." When asked by POLITICO if he thinks he broke any rules or federal laws, Shock answered, "Well, I certainly hope not."

Believe it or not, but Schock claims that he's never seen the PBS drama. Describing his bright red walls as "Republican red," he further stated:

"I've never been an old crusty white guy — I'm different, I came to Congress at 27, I'm not going to — when I take a personal vacation, I don't go sit on the beach, I go do active things. I'm also not going to live in a cave."What you can find inside Shock's office includes a "drippy crystal chandelier," "gold-colored wall sconce with black candles," "Federal-style bull's-eye mirror," and pheasant feathers, as reported by Washington Post writer Ben Terris. Below, you can find photos inside Aaron Shock's office:

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