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Kalorama Home with a 'Commanding Presence' Drops to $7.7M

This Kalorama listing proves that you can't judge a home by its facade. While expansive (8,460-square-feet!), its white exterior is fairly unassuming. Walk inside, though, and you'll find two living rooms painted either a very confident teal or peachy pink with similarly colored furnishings. A few bedrooms also include drapes and furnishings that match the design of the wallpaper, causing them to somewhat camouflage into the walls. The listing describes the home as having a "commanding presence," and if there is anything in the home to bow down to it's that the asking price was chopped from $8,500,000 to the current price at $7,700,000. The home comes equipped with a wood-paneled library and a barroom. Other nice touches include a three-story spiral staircase, nine to 11-foot-high ceilings, and ornate crown molding.

· 2425 Tracy Place [Redfin]