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D.C. United's Labor Agreement a 'Pathway to the Middle Class'

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D.C. United officials and Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a labor peace agreement that will ensure a fair job process at the D.C. United Stadium. The agreement will also allow D.C. United workers to be able to join the job union, Unite Here Local 25. Bowser described the agreement as "a pathway to the middle class," with hope for the Stadium to benefit working-class families. Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Boardman of Local 25 John Boardman described the agreement as a step toward minimizing the wage gap, according to the Washington Business Journal. The D.C. United stadium is estimated to bring 1,683 full-time or equivalent jobs. The D.C. United Stadium is expected to cost $286.7 million with the District paying 46 percent of the bill.
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