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H Street Project Gets Go Ahead With Zero Parking Spaces

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Car-free housing is becoming the newest trend in Washington, D.C. with developers trying to gain permission for it in Dupont Circle and Shaw. On Tuesday, this H Street developer was able to gain permission from the Board of Zoning Adjustment for zero parking spaces in a 28-unit building. The development on 1401 Florida Avenue NE is more than a mile away from the nearest Metro station, but is expected to be easily accessible to the H Street streetcar, according to Urban Turf. Along with permission for no parking, the Board of Zoning Adjustment also allowed the developer to exceed the floor area ratio (FAR) because of the constricting, triangular shape of the lot. The Office of Planning disagreed with the Board's decision, saying the building was not "so unique or unusual" that it should warrant relief from the FAR regulation. Construction for the project is expected to begin by the end of 2015.

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