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Obama's $4 Trillion Budget Could Help D.C. Real Estate

If President Obama's $4 trillion budget gets approved, millions of dollars will go to major commercial real estate projects in Washington, D.C. The proposal could contribute to renovations for federally owned buildings, St. Elizabeth's consolidation, and the establishment of a civilian cyber campus in the D.C. area.

This is how Washington Business Journal reported the numbers breaking down:

· $227 million for a proposed cyber campus
· $150 million to modernize the Herbert C. Hoover Building
· $15 million for interior renovations to the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building
· $160 million to acquire the American Red Cross building for continued use
· $9.8 million to establish a research and innovation center at St. Elizabeth's East campus
· $379.7 million for the General Service Administration and $215.8 million for the DHS consolidation for St. Elizabeth's
· If Obama gets his way, D.C. region would get millions for cyber campus, St. Elizabeths [Washington Business Journal]

St. Elizabeth's

1100 Alabama Avenue , Washington SE, DC