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Portals V Building Too 'Gestural,' Not 'Elegant' Enough

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The 14th Street landscape may soon experience a big change with plans for a massive development that would become one of Washington, D.C.'s tallest buildings. The residential tower would total 15 stories and would measure 130 feet vertically from Maryland Avenue. The development is titled, Portals V, and is part of Republic Properties' privately held 1.6 million-square-foot office complex, Portals. Portals V is currently under review by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). In two previous meetings with the CFA, the agency characterized the building as "too gestural," recommending the design to be "calmer, more integrated, and more elegant." For now, the CFA has commented that they won't take action until "the penthouses, base building architecture and landscaping are better defined," as reported by the Washington Business Journal.

· Changing the landscape: Republic pitches 15-story residential tower for the Portals [Washington Business Journal]