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Where To Find D.C.'s Tiniest Libraries and Their Free Books

There are over 10,000 libraries in the United States that are barely bigger than a birdhouse. With the goal for the public to be able to give and receive print literature at no cost, Wisconsin resident Todd Bol founded Little Free Library in 2009, a concept that has taken over the nation and many resident's front yards. D.C. resident Philip Vahab described his reasons to build a book house in an interview with The Washington Post, saying that he wanted people in the neighborhood to interact with each other more and get to know each other better. Some of the libraries in and around Washington, D.C. include notebooks for visitors to leave their book recommendations if they don't have a copy on them. Some also feature a Book of the Day or a Book of the Week. To find one near you, check out the map created by Little Free Library below.

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