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New FBI Headquarters to Open 2021; Designs for Workspace Lab a Touchy Topic

Out with the old FBI headquarters, and in with a new 2.1 million-square-foot headquarters. With an expected date of opening by 2021, the location for the building is slated to be in Greenbelt, Landover, or Springfield, Virginia. Maryland may also become a location of choice if Governor Mayor Larry Hogan gets his way. The new headquarters will feature workspaces, conference rooms, reception areas, a 2,800-square-foot lab, and "equipment of the future," according to the Washington Business Journal.

Designs for the new lab, dubbed Workspace Lab, has become a heated subject between the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the FBI. While the FBI would rather sacrifice the amount of collaborative spaces for larger cubicles, the NSF would prefer the opposite. The Lab will be open on a rotating basis to selected vendors who are working on developing furniture and equipment that will improve worker productivity as well as facilitate a "culture of change." As reported by the Washington Business Journal, "Chosen vendors must agree to allow government personnel to test their equipment at no charge, in return for no endorsement or promise to purchase." The vendors will also need to supply their own equipment. Adjacent to the J. Edgar Hoover building's cafeteria, the FBI HQ Consolidated Program Management Office will be demolished and renovated to make room for Workspace Lab.

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