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The Best and Worst Dressed D.C. Stars on The Red Carpet

It's all about looking your best when it comes to walking the red carpet at the Oscars. While we were all glued to our TV's on this momentous occasion, many of Washington, D.C.'s most famous and most fabulous monuments and statues came to the event. Now that the awards show is over, it's time now to look back and see who really worked it and who should have walked out. Out of the seven monuments and statues featured in our photo gallery, vote for which one was the best and worst dressed.

↑ Only two words can describe how the public felt when they saw the Lincoln Memorial statue in this Versace dress: show stopper. This stunner didn't hold back when it came to glitz, glamour, and nude-colored tulle. With the sexy deep cut neckline, Lincoln Memorial statue was flaunting more than usual, but we can't say we hate that.

↑ Move on over, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jefferson statue can and will legbomb you out of the spotlight. With this red strapless Givenchy Haute Couture dress, Thomas Jefferson statue turned heads wherever he went. You can't blame all the buzz over this statue when he's wearing this stylish number along with a Dolce & Gabbana clutch.

↑ Theodore Roosevelt statue looked nothing but radiant at this year's Oscars, clad in a light peachy pink dress that complimented his body just right. He certainly wasn't camera shy, waving at whoever was ready and willing (i.e., everyone) to take his photograph .

↑ It's not the Oscars until the Washington Monument makes her debut. With this one-shouldered Yves St Laurent gown, Washington Monument was able to show off her slim waist and flawless stony skin in all the right ways. We still can't believe that she just had her baby a week ago. What a transformation.

↑ It's not often that we see George Washington statue leave his abode on Washington Circle to go to public events. Notorious for avoiding the press, it was a very special occasion to see him as well as to see him in such a vibrant red Dolce & Gabbana suit. No matter where he goes, he's able to start trends and create an impact. You go, George Washington statue.

↑ After years out of the spotlight from his last scandal, Awakening statue has come back with a vengeance with his newest film and newest Valentino gown. This floral floor-length number is sure to raise some eyebrows. For now, Awakening statue will do what he does best: relax on the beach and let the haters hate.

Poll results

Poll results

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