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After Epic Bidding War, Georgetown Home Relists for $3.9K

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The Northern Virginia couple who bought this Georgetown listing last September had spent two years searching for the perfect home, but it looks like it isn't as perfect as they had hoped. When they found the home, the couple was so desperate to be the winning bid that they spent $510,000 over the listing's $3.5 million asking price. Now that they're giving up the home after only five months of owning it, the big question is why? According to Washington Business Journal, the couple is expecting their second child, and with their three housekeepers, there simply isn't enough parking for their liking. Now, the 3,908-square-foot home is back on the market for $3,995,000, or $1,022 per square. Hopes are for the sale of this six-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom abode to close by Memorial Day. Some of the highlights in the home include built-in shelving, a patio, and hardwood flooring throughout.

· 3043 P Stret NW [Redfin]
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