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UPDATE: D.C.'s First SciFi Museum Hopes to Be Built

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UPDATE: A press release sent to Curbed DC about the museum incorrectly stated that this location would be the first SciFi museum in the world. While it would be the first for D.C., there is already a SCiFi museum in Seattle, Washington.

The Museum of Science Fiction is set to become the very first museum ever dedicated to showcasing the history of Science Fiction. Before a permanent location is built, though, a 4,000-square-foot preview museum will be constructed with the ability to move from city to city. The preview museum will be able to house at least seven interactive exhibits as well as seating for 150 people for special programs and fundraising events. Once the permanent location is constructed, the preview museum will be added as a wing to the full-scale facility. According to the Museum of Science Fiction website, there are hopes to complete the full-scale facility within a span of five years.

The design for the preview museum was selected from a nationwide design competition that was co-sponsored by Google, DreamHost, and Singularity & Co. Emily Yen, a student from the Rhode Island School of Design, won the competition with her concept, "Schrodinger's Box." Some of the highlights of Yen's boxy design are that the walls will be semi-transparent, causing the lights inside the museum to make the facade glow at night. Additionally, the museum's roof will be able to roll open so that guests will be able to see the night sky. Designs from the winners and runners-up of the competition are currently on display at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York. The exhibition will continue until May 31.

Currently, another SciFi museum is being planned in Los Angeles, named the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum. For the Los Angeles SciFi museum, a preview museum is expected to open in 2015 with a permanent location open by 2018.

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