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Liveblogging Two Hours With Two Taylor Swift Wax Figures

Welcome to Curbed's first-ever Taylor Swift Day! All across the Curbediverse, we will be celebrating anything and everything related to Taylor Swift — from diving into her real estate portfolio to mapping the most important moments in her life. Here at Curbed DC, we're revving up a liveblog at the site of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at 11 a.m. While the pop singer doesn't have a direct tie to the nation's capital, an artistic take on her has actually been on display since 2014. In October of that year, Taylor Swift got two wax statues erected in her honor at Madame Tussauds. Excited? So are we! Sit back, relax, and refresh often for our updates on what happens when you spend two hours lurking around two Taylor Swift wax figures in a museum on a Friday morning. See ya at 11am!

10am: One of the Taylor Swift statues is the only wax statue in the room on a pedestal. As it should be, of course.

11:05am: Here she is in her full sparkly glory. Not sure why anyone would stand like that with a guitar. Maybe she's asking for a duet? Don't mind if I do, T-Swift statue.

11:10am: Being in the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is slightly disorienting. All of these statues look so real that I keep almost apologizing for walking into them.

11:21am: A lot of people have been gravitating more to the Rihanna and Beyonce statues. T Swifty deserves love too.


11:21am: So far, I've only found one Taylor Swift statue. How is this possible? Excuse me as I chase down the second one.



11:29am: It deeply saddens me to report that there is only one Taylor Swift wax statue on display at the museum. The other's in storage.

11:33am: It's going to be okay, Taylor Swift wax statue. There, there.

11:37am: This is a travesty. I'm sure there's enough room for just one more Taylor Swift wax statue. I guess we could always just take one statue away to make more room. Hmm. I wonder which one could be better off ... not here ...

11:39am: Been here for over half an hour The count of tourists taking photos in front of the Taylor Swift wax statue is at a solid six.


11:50am: On the Taylor Swift plaque next to her is a quote: "People haven't always been there for me, but music always has."

11:57am: Say hello to Chen Jiaxin! She's from China and almost approached the Taylor Swift wax statue at a full run. "I love her songs," she told me. "My favorite one is Blank Space."

11:59am: For reference and also an excuse to watch a Taylor Swift music video:

12:06pm: With the disco ball, a top 40's soundtrack, and music videos playing on a projector, it's hard to not want to dance in the pop star section of Madame Tussauds. This museum is tempting me, and I don't know if I hate it.


12:12pm: If the wax statue was removed and the real Taylor Swift stood in its place, how long would it take people to notice?

12:29pm: There's been a lull for a few minutes now. No tourists, probably due to it being lunchtime. That's okay, though. No one can be lonely in the presence of the Taylor Swift wax statue.

12:34pm: I've been watching the music videos projected almost the entire time I've been here. Four Rihanna vids, three Michael Jackson vids, two Jennifer Lopez vids, and one Beyonce vid. Zero Taylor Swift vids.

12:41pm: While in the waxy presence of the Taylor Swift statue, I'm left wondering how I can get my hair to stay in the same perfect wave. This statue's hairstyle is superb.


12:50pm: First spotting of a tourist with a selfie stick.

12:54pm: Overheard:
Mother: How about a picture with T-Swizzle?
Daughter: Eww? I don't want a picture with her.
Mother: Really? I love her.

1:02pm: Asked two tourists how realistic the Taylor Swift statue is on a scale of 1 to 10. They gave it an 8. Two points off for looking too much like a doll. It's okay, Taylor Swift. You're perfect to me.

1:04pm: And with that, we're out. Thanks for playing!