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D.C. Millennials Can Only Afford a 218-Square-Foot Home

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It's hard out here for a Millennial. With research from the U.S. Census Bureau, personal finance company SmartAsset reported that the average Millennial in the District makes around $47,380. Because of that, those under the age of 35 can only afford homes that span 218-square-feet, a size technically not possible as the tiniest home in D.C. proper spans 252-square-feet. Don't feel too disheartened by that number, though. For those living in San Francisco and New York, the typical Millennial can only afford a home spanning 135-square-feet and 165-square-feet, respectively.

For Millennials who are still set on owning their own home, it might be best to head to either the Midwest or the South. SmartAsset reported that the typical Millennial can buy an abode spanning at least 1,000-square-feet in those general areas. Maybe instead head over to Detroit. With a median income of $125,000 for Millennials in the Motor City, those under the age of 35 can afford a home spanning at least 3,205-square-feet. For a more in-depth look at the data, take a look at all the findings below.

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