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8 Holiday Rentals Near D.C. Still Up For Grabs

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It's not too late to snag a holiday rental in Washington, D.C. In order to help our readers find a place some time between December 20 and December 26, Curbed listed four listings in Northern Virginia and four listings in Maryland that are only a few minutes away from the District. The prices on these rentals range from $856/night to $1,632/night. Are there any notable rentals we missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Northern Virginia

↑ This Springfield apartment features one bedroom and one bathroom and is on the market for $1,012/night. The minimum stay for this unit, known as the "Jackie's Purple Sun Room," is three nights.

↑ In Ballston, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom executive apartment is up for grabs for $1,632/night. With a minimum stay of three to four nights, this fully furnished residence offers a kitchen with housewares and cookware as well as walk-in closets. The location is only a block away from the Virginia Square Metro station.

↑ Some of the amenities offered in this two-bedroom, two-bathroom McLean apartment include a 24-hour sports club, a pool with a fire pit, and a landscaped terrace for outdoor cooking. The total cost for this unit is $1,564/night with a minimum three night stay.

↑ Only 10 minutes from Washington, D.C., you can find this one-bedroom, one-bathroom hotel room in Old Town Alexandria. The room has a minimum stay of two nights and costs a total $879/night. Along with its close location to the District, it also offers a close location to the retail and restaurants that King Street has to offer.


↑ At the National Harbor, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa is asking $1,100/night. The minimum stay is three nights.

↑ For a minimum stay of three nights, you can stay in this Bethesda apartment for $856/night. With one bedroom and one bathroom, the unit is located on the whole first floor of the property manager's single-family home. The location is a 10-minute walk away from the nearest Metro bus stop. Parking in front of the property is free.

↑ This furnished Capitol Heights single-family home offers a kitchen, dining room, downstairs rec room, and off-street parking. With a minimum stay of five nights, this two-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom rental is up for grabs for $960/night.

↑ Approximately 30 minute from Washington, D.C. is this fully furnished Michellville single-family home. It includes a kitchen with cookware and servware, a front porch, as well as three bedrooms and one bathroom. The price totals to $873/night with a minimum stay of two nights.
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