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Poll: What Was the Oddest Washington, D.C. Home of 2015?

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Home is where the heart is, but it can also be where people unleash their eccentric side. From a 220-square-foot tiny home to a castle to a tiki-themed basement, there was a myriad amount of homes that landed on the D.C. area's market this past year that surely made you scratch your head and ponder, "Is that really a house?" We respond with an optimistic, "Sure, why not?" Below, you will be able to see the 15 strangest homes discovered this year. To help us decide which one was the most eyebrow-raising, you will be able to vote for which one weirds you out the most. Be sure to let us know in the comments if there were any listings mistakenly left out.

1. Underground Home Is Maryland's Most Bizarre Hidey-Hole

2. Here's Your Chance to Live in a 120-Year-Old Schoolhouse

3. Write a 350-Word Essay, Win a 210-Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in D.C.

4. Is This $2M McLean Manse a Winner or Another Area Oddity?

5. Travis Price-Designed Oddity Hits the Market, Asks $1.25M

6. Formerly Bleak, Now Fantastical Crestwood Castle Asks $1.4M

7. HGTV-Featured Tiki-Themed Germantown Basement Asks $410K

8. Mushroom House, Bethesda's Weirdest Home, Sells for $920K

9. For $3.3M, Escape into the Pastures with a 1790s Farm House

10. $1M Chevy Chase Abode Just Wants You to Be a Hygienic Adult

11. You Can Buy Logan Circle's 'Gay Bed & Breakfast' for $2.5M

12. Live in a Converted Dairy Barn in Vienna for $979,000

13. You Can Live in a Former Logan Circle Brothel for $2M

14. For $5,500/Month, You Can Live in a Garage on 14th Street

15. Hey, Mr. DJ! Nab Yourself a Recording Studio/Home for $650K

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