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The Award for Most Beautiful (and Ugly) Memorial Goes To ...

Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

What Are Washington, D.C.'s prettiest and ugliest memorials? In a poll, Curbed asked the public to rank 14 memorials on how beautiful they are. The purpose of the poll was not to rank Washington, D.C.'s memorials by significance, meaning, or history, but to rank them by by whether or not they're simply, physically stunning. As clearly as possible, Curbed stated that this poll was shallow, skin-deep, and facade-focused, which if you think about it can be a good thing for those very, very few tourists who search for beauty over history. The poll was open from November 13 to November 29 and resulted in roughly 100 responses. With such a small sample size, it's difficult to say that the below memorials are definitely the most beautiful and most ugly, but hey, you guys participated in the poll, and now it's time to release the results.

Topping the list was the Lincoln Memorial with the Jefferson Memorial at a close second for most beautiful. The least popular choice ended up being a three-way tie between the Titanic Memorial, the African American Civil War Memorial, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial. What do you think of these results? Are they similar to your thinking? Are they devastatingly wrong? Do you demand a recount? Let us know by leaving a comment.

· What Are Washington, D.C.'s Prettiest and Ugliest Memorials? [Curbed DC]

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024