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From Trump's Flub to Michelle Obama's Dining Room Revamp, 2015's Most Popular Posts

There's never a lack of real estate news in Washington, D.C., and the interest from Curbed's readers never seems to diminish. This year, Curbed DC saw more traffic than ever, and below you will be able to find the 10 articles that caught the most interest from the public. The homes that were the most popular in 2015 tended to have a quirk or two, such as a mini castle or a famous name associated with it (i.e., John Wall, Ulysses S. Grant). Surprisingly, a few of the posts that made the list were published a year or more ago, such as the list of the 18 most essential hotels in the District (you can find a more updated post here) and the first known photo of the Capitol. Other notable articles that were the most popular of the year included Michelle Obama's White House dining room renovation and Donald Trump's predictably incorrect statements on the Capitol. For the most popular news articles of 2015, take a look below.

10) Here's The First Known Photo Of The Capitol Building In 1846
News on Washington, D.C.'s history is always a popular draw. This article in particular take a look at the District's architectural past with the first photo of the Capitol, taken in 1846.

9) The 18 Most Essential Hotels in Washington D.C., March '14
In March 2014, Curbed listed the 18 most essential hotels in the District, from Hotel Monaco to the Madison Hotel. The only hotels that made the list were those that opened within the previous few months.

8) This Logan Circle Manse Was Built by Ulysses S. Grant's Son
This Victorian mansion was built in 1877 by the son of the 18th U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant. Despite its well-kept facade, the condos inside are fairly modern and don't reflect their historic past.

7) For $1.2M, This Glassy McLean Abode Comes With an Indoor Courtyard and Mini CastleThe previous owners of this McLean single-family home built a mini castle and drawbridge for their grandchildren. Other eyebrow-raising quirks in this listing include its odd indoor-outdoor courtyard and shag carpeting.

6) Trump's Claims on Capitol Dome Scaffolding Refuted
Once again, Donald Trump spoke incorrectly on a subject, this time on the Capitol's scaffolding. The presidential front-runner claimed that the scaffolding would be removed before the presidential inauguration and then reinstalled afterwards. In actuality, the scaffolding will remain removed once the project is complete prior to the inauguration.

5) Check Out NBA Star John Wall's $4.9 Million Potomac Mansion
This article was published in 2013, but it still is a big draw for readers. Readers were able to tour through NBA star John Wall's mansion, from his home theater to his basketball.

4) Marijuana Grow Closet: Interviewing the Mastermind Behind D.C.'s Next Best Amenity
The newest, greenest amenity is none other than a marijuana grow closet, or as D.C.-based developer Eric Hirshfield calls it an "herb" growing closet.

3) 10 Horrifyingly True Real Estate Stories from Curbed Readers
Hate a good night's sleep? These 10 horror real estate stories will help make sure you're too creeped out to sleep a single wink. The stories were submitted by Curbed readers.

2) Michelle Obama Unveils Revamped White House Dining Room
In July 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama revealed a renovated State Dining Room in the White House. The cost totaled $590,000, which seemed to bother more than a few of Curbed's readers.

1) Massive, Unkept Mansion on Kent Island Lists for $2.5M
The most popular post of the year was this massive 15,912-square-foot single-family home located in Kent Island. The listing offered more than 18 acres of land, an indoor pool, and a massive ballroom.

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